Automatic Gearbox Internal Washing


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The new method of automatic transmission oil change

1.The automatic transmission oil has no infinite life.
2.The transmission is subject to constant friction.
3.With increasing friction, the system is negatively affected.
4.The quality of the gear oil changes due to friction and heat.

The oil should be replaced at the latest at 60,000 km. This is what a German transmission manufacturer says.
How is it possible that, for example, the manufacturer ZF recommended an oil change but the automobile manufacturer supplied by this company is not prescribing an oil change. The oil suddenly turns into a Lifetime oil.

Automotive manufacturers also compete with lower inspection costs.
This means: „Buy our car because we have lower inspection costs“.
As long as the warranty does not cause a fault in the automatic transmission, it is no problem for the automobile manufacturer.
After the guarantee has expired, the customer must solve his problems at his own expense.
If an automobile manufacturer now says that an oil change is necessary, a majority of customers would no longer opt for this brand because it entails additional costs.

How should the automatic gearbox be changed?
With a normal oil change in the workshop the old oil can not be completely emptied.
For example: Only 5 L of 8.5 L can be emptied.
The remaining 3.5 L remain in the gearbox.
You fill 5 L new.
The 5 L new oil mixes with the 3.5 L Altö.
Dirty oil is running in the transmission.

How is the correct change?
Only with a cleaning and oil change device can they emptied 100% of the waste oil from the gearbox ..
This method is used to purge the gearbox, and the used oil is completely emptied out of the gearbox.
New clean oil is filled into the grain.

This method lengthens the life of the gearbox.
Complaints caused by waste oil can be remedied.

Important: This device can not correct errors caused by a software, mechanical reasons or product defect.

ca. 40 % des Altöls bleibt im Automatikgetriebe!

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