The Koma (ancient Greek κῶμα, German, deep sleep) is a complete unconsciousness which exists over a long period of time.

They have set up their company with great effort and create work placements for people.

Are their employees aware and have the entrepreneur’s sensitivity when it comes to the benefits of the company?

To answer this question, we recommend a KOMA test. On the basis of a KOMA test, we examine the weak points of the work processes. It could thus initiate the necessary measures by means of the analysis of weaknesses and awaken its company from the KOMA.

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Share in KOMA of the company

  • KOMA'da
  • Uyanık

“You have to do business yourself otherwise it does not work”.

We often hear this from small businesses.

Now think about it. Are the owners of large brands everywhere in every shop?

What do they gain with a KOMA test?

A regular COMA test gives you the following benefits.

  • Your employees know they can be tested at any time and are therefore more cautious.
  • They are not on the ground in the company but the discipline prevails anyway.
  • The KOMA test results can be integrated with your pay system.
  • Customer complaints which they can not reach can be determined with the KOMA test and appropriate measures can be taken.
  • As entrepreneurs they are relieved and can concentrate on new opportunities.
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