TS 12047


They are entrepreneurs of a free car garage or want to open one. However, you also want to support customer vehicles during the warranty period.

Yes, they have read it correctly. If they meet the TS 12047 standard, they are entitled to supervise customer vehicles during the warranty period. And the warranty is not invalid.

This applies to motor vehicles and commercial vehicles of all kinds. You have the right to opt for one or more brands under the TS 12047 Standarts.

Advantages of a TS 12047 Authorized workshop?

Caring for customer vehicles during the warranty period.
Competition with the contract works.
Free choice of multiple brands.
You can win a fleet owner with attractive prices as customers.
TS 12047 is a statutory right. Freestanding works can compete with. The law serves to protect consumers.

TAFF Danışmanlık always works for her profit. If they win we win too.

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Inspektionen die in einer TS 12047 Autorisierten Werstatt durchgeführt werden beinflussen keinesfalls ihre Garantie!