Türkiye’deki Bluechem group ile ATF (sanzuman yıkama ve yağ değişim) Cihazı testleri ve sunumu


“Why I traveled to Turkey is quickly explained”, Thomas Seelmann (Service Technician) starts his report. “The interest in maintenance and care services is currently extremely high there. This is because a large number of second-hand vehicles are sold with partial immense mileage. On top of that, the cars are significantly more demanded than in Germany, especially in Istanbul. The almost daily long traffic jams with stop-and-go traffic as well as the frequent uphill and downhill journeys are particularly detrimental to the automatic transmission. That is why the company Taff Danismanlik invited me from November 20 to 27 to present our service device ATF Evolution in various workshops.”

Five days of ATF training in Istanbul…

Having arrived in Turkey a comprehensive program for our service technician began. “On the first day in Istanbul, I introduced the bluechemGROUP to the company Taff Danismanlik as part of a presentation. Afterwards, we continued with a theoretical training course on automatic transmissions with the focus on our ATF Evolution. On the second day, we continued with some practice lessons. In a workshop, we carried out the automatic transmission service on six vehicles. Together with the employees, I showed the advantages of an automatic transmission cleaning and an automatic transmission fluid change using our device, explaining in detail how it works. Already after two vehicles the employees were able to use and try out the ATF Evolution.”

… and two days in Trabzon

After the stay in Istanbul, the journey continued on to the Black Sea coast. “Already on the first day in Trabzon, we went on with the practical part. On two days, I trained the staff on five other vehicles and showed them the advantages of our ATF Evolution. Once again, there was great enthusiasm, and after a very short time, the employees worked independently with the device. I am very happy that I have been able to give the workshop staff extensive knowledge of automatic transmissions and their maintenance, and I would like to thank them for the warm welcome as well as for a very instructive week.”




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